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Drake and Meek Mill are Back 'No More Beef'?

Drake and Meek Mill are Back 'No More Beef'

Drake and Meek Mill Call of the long awaiting beef?

Don't just believe that the beef is going forever that's a big No.drake and Meek Mill are in full force of the gravity.last year was a hell of fire and you and i Knew that drake and Meek was once called beef-er because no one Knows when they are calling of the beef.

On More Life, I (and others) agree that Drake took some shots at Meek, basically throwing more dirt on him. But Rick Ross is talking on their behalf again. Sometimes I wonder if Rozay is just speaking things into existence or if they are true.

I just don’t see Drake or Meek putting things to the side after the whole “twitter fingers/is that a world tour or your girls tour” thing. And Meek damaged Drake more than people want to admit with that ghost writer stuff. Anyway, Ross talks about it around the 11-minute

I guess you would like a new hit from them as they reunion in their music life.what do you think?but i hope this is so pretty to hear.
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