Crazy Love:I want your Baby The weekend-Gomze

Crazy Love:I want your Baby The weekend-Gomze
Selena Gomez is seemingly moving too fast with her relationship with The Weeknd. According to a source, the "It Ain't Me" hitmaker is "desperately" trying to have a baby with the "Starboy" hitmaker after just three months of dating.

Selena reportedly wants to be pregnant with The Weeknd's child in the hopes of keeping the love between the two of them alive. "Some of Selena's family believes that she is trying to trap him into getting her pregnant," the source reveals.

"She is not pregnant just yet, but she has been telling her friends and family that she wants almost nothing more than to have a baby right now!" the source tells Radar Online, "She actually thinks that it is her time to have a child because it is the only thing in life that she has not yet experienced!"

The source continues, "Selena is so afraid that he is going to leave her. Pretty much no one around her thinks that her having a baby is a good idea. And there are certain family members that really believe she is STILL trying to get back at Justin Bieber!"
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