Breaking News: Is Rich Homie Quan Facing Up To 30 Years In Prison

30 Years In Prison
Me,you seem no smiles on face, if actually Rich Homie Quan to be detained in prison for 30 Years i think fans peeking on this will see it extremely hogwash.previously on TOP we report with the same gay with his entourage been captured by police on their way to a show.already we gave out the maximum Monty about  Homie on  .

How are you going to feel i said that the charge against Homie is under
escalated ?,or may be you have no idea what the case is now all about.drawing the the news more close to my own understanding Rich Homie Quan and his entourage was figured out with gun and weed but the charge is not the reason he is face 30 Years In Prison.

According to DX,
he is being slapped with charges of felony possession and intent to distribute.TMZ also lament that If convicted, he could face up to 30 years in a Georgia state seriously the breaking news is such a cryptic feeling with Homie and his super fans.

While the amount of weed he was carrying has not been disclosed, in Georgia, carrying more than an ounce is enough to be considered felony possession. Quan is being held in Jefferson County Jail until his bond hearing on Friday (June 2). Quan recently dropped his Back To The Basics mixtape, but apparently the music might have to temporarily take the backseat.

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