Blac Chyna Hips Undergoes 'Radical' Liposuction Procedure

Blac Chyna Hips Undergoes
We know that she's that good of making her Hips that big but this time around the mother of only child is now having a half of her previous hips.when it comes to any x-rated or sexy outfit, Blac Chyna can be involved in that such because she enjoy having a big booty.Blac Chyna has reported that she Undergoes 'Radical' Liposuction Procedure which means that she's no longer have a high Hips.

Media Talkout report that she have undergo Liposuction Procedure  meanwhile doctors already taken an aggressive Liposuction Procedure to make sure she had the best of her hips.Doctors always said that she had smart lipo, which is laser lipo - it takes away fat and tightens the skin at one time. She used to have big hips and thighs, and now she is nice and slim."

The doctors went on to explained what it mean to have a Lipo,according to them With smart lipo, the incisions are so small, you don't even need stitches," explained Dr. Bruce Katz. "It's not that much more expensive and you get better results - it's more effective. You can take one day off work after the procedure. There is minimal downtime - it's very quick, very safe. The patients are awake during it - we just use local anesthesia."
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