Birthday gift is A Big gift as Rihanna welcomed chris-brown with his gift

 Birthday gift is A Big gift as Rihanna welcomed chris-brown with him gift
Rihanna again going far to show drake not to deer her again,she leap out drake and now she might be in together with Loyal singer Chris brown

Birthday gift is seem bring them back again are you sure that they will be back,well you have to read this a rihanna and chris brown is pointing to there welcome back relationship since drake is no more with her and she also gave him condition not to call on her cell number

Now At that time, RiRi apparently called Breezy to say, "I love you," and he said it back without hesitation. According to a source, that's when they made plans to hangout again sometime soon.

"The plan is to hopefully link up when their respective schedules allow it," the source tells Through all their ups and downs, there's still a comfort level that turns both RiRi and Breezy on! "To be out on the town with her again and turning up, would be just what the doctor ordered," adds the source.

A source close to RiRi previously revealed about her birthday surprise, "Rih was not about to let this day go by without hitting Chris up on his birthday. They FaceTimed and when he picked up she immediately started singing him happy birthday. He was speechless [as] his eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile on his face." The insider continued, "He was bobbing his head when she was singing and when she was done he was like wow."

Not only did RiRi sing him happy birthday, the "Umbrella" hitmaker reportedly also told him three magic words, "I love you." "They talked briefly and she told him I love you," the source added.
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