Beyonce want Blue Ivy to be assign permanently to her Daughter

 Beyonce want Blue Ivy to be assign permanently to her Daughter
Following the new report about beyonce who is currently undergoing  the daily care owing to her pregnancy after the knowles and Jay had their fought over the unborn twins,bey was said to be seeking the full permission to assign the Blue Ivy as a permanent name to her daughter who is currently bearing the name individually.

TMZ reports that Beyonce is currently trying to trademark Blue Ivy's name but is being blocked by an event planning company that has the same name as Bey's daughter. Beyonce reportedly filed her application to trademark

"Blue Ivy Carter"

earlier this year in hopes of owning the name to possibly use for products like cosmetics and video games. Meanwhile, the owner of the Blue Ivy company Veronica Morales has pointed out that Jay Z has already gone on record saying that he and Bey have no intention of using their daughter's name to sell anything, but want to stop others from doing so. This is the second time the Blue Ivy company, which existed three years before Blue Ivy Carter was born, has tried to block Bey from trademarking the name. Clearly, this is going to be a battle for both parties.
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