Lil Wayne Has Realize About The Situation Of His ‘Carter V’ Been Leaked By Martin Shkreli He is Ready To Sue Him

lil-wayne sueing Martin Shkreli
On April 30 of this year Lil Wayne promise his fans about the ‘Carter V’ 5 coming soon at any moment which nobody knows the actual date but Liltunechi promise the CV is coming soon.Now after a month the ‘Carter V’ is still on work in meaning that Lil Wayne is still working on that promise he made to his fans during a show he had.

Martin Shkreli who seem bearing something about Lil Wayne carter v, on May 4 2017 took out the hiding which was in line with Lil Wayne in such that Lil is not yet done. Very astonished that Martin Shkreli  was able to come out online with two tracks of Lil leaked from Lil Wayne carter V.

Top recorded that Martin Shkreli continues to be the friend Lil Wayne and associates never wanted after he recently leaked not one, but two tracks from Weezy’s highly overdue and equally anticipated album, Tha Carter V.

Following TMZ step out,Lil Wayne is considering why the person in question leaked his two track that's yet to be out.
Wayne and Universal Music reportedly sent cease-and-desist letters to Shkreli, warning him about a potential lawsuit if he releases more of Weezy’s music. Tha Carter V has been delayed for years as Wayne takes part in another legal fight with his label Cash Money Records.
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