Kanye West Steps Out for Dinner Without Kim Kardashian Amid Split Rumors

Kanye Wset and Kim Kardashian Steps Out for Dinner Without Kim Kardashian Amid Split Rumors
Normally we do see them attending any dinner spot to have some refreshment together,in this particular one something must be wrong somewhere if at all that Kanye step out leaving Kim out there why having his dinner spot along.all and sundry suspected this act and being slammed about what he actually did.we are yet to hear from Kim or Kanye west about whats their mind over their marriage life.

As we also reported about the pair not causing any bad harm to their marriage but they are fight with all cost to fix their shaking or lets call it unsatisfied marriage as they face strange thinks last year as a result of kanye west break down and Kim who was also involved in a robbery in Paris.few hours in  Giorgio Baldi restaurant alone (kanye west) left the restaurant with uncomfortable face as thesun some photos about that.

Kanye west is acting badly because this not the first of seeing him like this specially without Kim the wife.he has done it several times as the source said.Earlier this week, he received attention after breaking the law by parking at handicap spot at Nobu, where he had lunch all by himself. The father of North and Saint West didn't look bothered by his action as he walked calmly toward his vehicle.

This marriage is not that strong because, a lot swirling keep rotating about it,in fact Kanye west may be the one causing unrecognized dispute,he continue to be self-centered with Kim.we once report that they are splitting which is actually having effect but indirectly is Kanye fault. 

Few hours we report online that kanye west making a decision about retiring soon as never found the happiness he was looking for by being famous. In fact, if anything, the spotlight made him unhappier. He has decided to take a break and step away for a while," sources reveal.
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