4 Adorable Motivtion From Ludacris to His Mother In The Coolest Way For Mother’s Day

1.“My mom and my relationship is very close,” Ludacris, real name Christopher Bridges, tells the cameras in a preview clip. “She’s one of the people who first introduced me to hard work and dedication. That’s why I am where I am, and who I am, today.

2.“When she moved into it, she was wanting to make it her own. But a lot of the rooms my mother has started on are just incomplete.”

3.“I feel like every child wants to do everything they can possibly do for their mom to give back an ounce of what their mother has given them,” “The Fast and the Furious” actor smiled. “This is one step closer.”

4.It makes me feel that I’m blessed beyond belief,” Roberta exclaimed after seeing her new house. “What I would say to them is, ‘Thank you for loving me.’”

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