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11 Celebrites who has been with animal

This celebrities you about to encounter now is once acting as day care to animal if not chick may be caw but today most of them seem gotten owing their current personality now and their up level.don't be surprise that we are going to  who has run mils together with animal training them and some use to to make sufficient money for the family.


Nicole is one the popular super stars today but she already found herself in mildest of chick.may you haven't seen her before doing this but she have raise as many as chick before she call it her previous sit down with Architectural Digest, she said that  "I raised them inside my house for about six weeks, and then it was time for them to have a coop,"


How does the name sound i guess like never before but you have to believe it that the online dater Kylie Jenner know it, yeah  she has been with Eddiea puffy, white chicken known as a Silkie Bantam, whom she named Eddie. "I love you Eddie," you can hear Jenner coo off-camera in one of her Snapchat clips, which features the bird pecking food out of a set of manicured hands. Jenner has previously spoken about swapping her glam lifestyle for a much more rural life in the not-so-distant future, telling Interview: "When I'm, like, 30, I want to go off the map, have a family, and live in Malibu with a farm, and just raise my own chickens."


She will always made cool money and she will continue to do.Roberts once told instyle that "she and the husband is a very healthy and environmentally minded person, so we grow food at our house,"so she made it obvious that she once stay with chicks.


Here is no secret that Tori even serve as mother to it loveable chick.she opened up about her family's chicken coop (and has taken her chickens to award shows), the actress most recently shared with fans that there's a new cuddle buddy in the Spelling-McDermott household.


This couple are not kidding but the fact can serve us,they shout it louder in an interview with instyle that "theyuse the eggs every day," she said. "We make frittatas, carbonara. Justin makes great pasta. I use the eggs in my salad or for snacks. They taste delicious!".


Zack is that proud of he has been through,he took it on YouTube to preview he roll with goat, horses and  honey bees.


Leave it to the healthy-living supermodel to get super-candid about her role as Chicken Mom: "I have a beautiful garden in L.A. where I raise chickens," she told Food & Wine. "We have very little waste because the chickens eat all of the vegetable scraps, and anything they won't eat, I put in my compost pile with the chicken poo."


The media mogul owns a chicken coop at her Hawaiian vacation home — and proudly showed off her chickens' hard work on Twitter. "Look what I just gathered. Chickens are workin,'" she tweeted back in 2012, captioning a pic of herself holding a basket of fresh eggs.


The Oscar winner keeps chickens at her Ojai, California ranch, along with 20 hens, a rooster, two donkeys, a horse and more.  "Oh, I want someone to build me a good chicken coop ... like a man who can just get down there and build it," Witherspoon told PEOPLE of her Christmas wish back in 2008.


"I began raising chickens after visiting a commercial egg-laying plant and being rather horrified by the cruel, inhumane conditions of the facility," the lifestyle guru wrote in her blog, detailing the reasons behind creating a chicken coop at her home.


The Royals actress owns a 400-acre organic farm in Gloucestershire that houses chickens, sheep and other animals. "People always imagine me with perfect hair. But that's not who I am," Hurley once said. "The first time he saw me in the country, my husband found me in wellies, covered in mud."
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