You Will Love Wizkid Speaking In British

wizkid speaking british
UK’s Channel 4 emerged and brush out the ft come closer to interview him but so great he defend himself exclusively in British language stand out.You Will Love Wizkid Speaking In British as you watch below from Olisa TV but at the first conversation here is what he said
“There is so much beautiful things in Africa – Africa is so beautiful, and that’s what I’m trying to do with my music now,” said the highly successful singer, adding that he includes his cultural heritage in his videos, including “African prints.”
“I’m making sure I have my stuff tailored. I’m always strategic with it so that the world can see it in a great light,”
Watch below

previously on Top,the caro singer makes it in expansion telling us with no comparison in his music life.
Nobody can equal me he said.This dude is pretty sure about what he keep emphasizing and seem having no level with Davido i guess that.what do you think?
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