You Have To See The Reason Why Puma Is Suing Forever21 Over Rihanna's Fenty Designs

After we updated with the new that took place yesterday and just in few hours we got from BET reporting that there is a reason Puma Is Suing Forever21 Over Rihanna's Fenty Designs .

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Puma already slapped Forever21 with a suit. The actions in question? Design patent, trade dress, and copyright infringement. It would appear as though Forever21 got a bit copycat happy with Puma's Fenty designs, as you can see below. They didn't even try to change the colors of the slides at all.

Just take a look below the feenty designs

It appears as though Puma's not here for it. The lawsuit, which was filed in California, centers around snatched designs for the fur and bow slides as well as Fenty's inaugural sneaker, the Creeper. Kinda crazy that Forever21, who's been sued many times in the past for similar offenses, thought they could get away with this one.

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Here's what Puma had to say in the court filings: "Seeking to trade on the substantial goodwill of Puma, Rihanna, and the Fenty Shoes, [Forever 21] has blatantly copied each of these shoes. Indeed, although the Bow Slide was only released this month, [Forever 21] is already offering copies of it on its website... In an attempt to ride the coattails of Puma’s substantial investment in and success with the Fenty Shoes, [Forever 21] is using the Fenty Trade Dress to offer for sale, distribute, market, and/or sell competing shoes that are confusingly similar to the Fenty Shoes. As reflected in side-by-side comparisons, [Forever 21’s] infringing shoes are confusingly similar to the Fenty Trade Dress.”
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