you have bad Butti implants Nick Cannon shaded Nicki Minaj

Celebrities will keep on throwing up to themselves weather in nasty or in good, someone is recently taking to the Rejoice after backlash on No Frauds (Nicki Minaj).OK he just spring,No he just leap up on Nicki Minaj in big way (Nick Cannon)During a recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show, Cannon was asked if he would ever hook up with Nicki, and his response was shady AF.

Here he goes with the question "Is this pre the booty dropping?" he ask "This is a real question. Is it bubbly booty Nicki or is this after the booty drop?"
Cannon was most likely referencing rumors that Minaj had butt implants and that those implants later "dropped," rumors that only grew when Photoshopped pics of Nicki's "deflated" butt began making the rounds. Williams responded that she had post-booty drop Nicki in mind, at which point Nick responded with, "Oh nah, I can't do that then... If she get it fixed, call me then,"peek it below
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