Why Fans Heat Nicki Minaj No Frauds Video

Why Fans Heat Nicki Minaj No Frauds Video
No Frauds video is at no good to many, mainly when it comes to new her music video which was recently released.the self-centered Nicki who believes that she the queen of rap is realizing it whit a vast of heaters who are slammed over her video.

Speaking to what happened to No Frauds videos,the triple play song DRAKE,LIL WAYNE and the main roll in music Nicki minaj was slammed over their performance in No Frauds owing to this,No Frauds is seem a part that irritate most fans, 'I thought Nicki was editing out those shots of Westminster bridge' that's what most are saying.

Remembering the time we updated about Westminster emphasizing on the same hogwash lying on Nicki with bad voice for Nicki which also bring in more publication eye during the time No Frauds was on hot sit.

Well Nicki No F is not a good Contractual to peek on,below is a twitter slammed that lead out the blame on me Nicki.

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