Who Is Wizkid Without Drake-He Always show me Pretty Love

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The carriers can point it were it held them at a spot,watching since last year and continue to rage up to the future deal,wizkid and drake can be called two of inner and outer collaborators when it comes to music affairs. 

Come close made it easy for people to understand how well in the intervals of More Life and The Dad Yo crooner.the cute star boy wizkid at no time or by any means argued the success of pop
rock and roll in music.

bringing in the concluding with drake and wizkid,
Drake's returned the favour and is appearing on Wizkid's new single, Come Closer.He says they recorded it at the same time as One Dance but didn't release it because his album wasn't ready.

"We were going back and forth with records when we made that, so big shout out to Drake - he always shows me love.

"When I had the idea, I just sent it to him and was like 'Yo, what do you think?' and said 'sounds wavy'... and the next day he sent me back a verse and that was it."

Well, wiz-Nigeria proceed to say regarding making music with Chris brown and even said something about Ty Dolla,
he's a musical guy. I am too, so we just connect. It's just been organic and based on friendship."                                          What do you think drop your comment
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