What's His Mind Over Kylie Jenner?

what is tyga thinking
But is he still stuck with the Kylie,the off-and-on Tyga makes a Creepy looking bitter over the cosmetic ex girl.Ty and Jordan call their junction at a West Hollywood restaurant a friends chilling as the model Jordan said.

Tyga again on instagram on a Creepy and no faze mood with a cloth he wore showing a burning sexy girl head.hmm that looks like Nicki as a fan think so,When Kylie leaves u so u put Nicki Minaj on ur sweater just to stay relevant.... sweetie u're over... see below
A post shared by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on

A post shared by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on
That kiss at back is for who?
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