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Tyga Emerge Arrest For Scantily-Clad

tyga talking to police
Tyga G gun who lunched a new car that came across on our news outline about few days ago,or should we talk about his issues that superficial were we report him Causing A Dispute In Family Of Kylie.Few hours that due precipitate, the rapper was caught on camera as he chatted to cops from the front seat of his new car, before claiming they had caught him with “paper plates” (a disposable plate made of cardboard) on his vehicle.

tyga with the police
                                                                                                                  TYGA WITH THE POLICE

However, according to TMZ, he was eventually taken to the station over a “possible DUI” – but it was later determined he WASN’T under the influence and was released.Pictures of the star filming his new music video emerged just hours before, showing him surrounded by scantily-clad beauties following his split from Kylie.

But he managed to remain high-spirited as he was led to the police car shortly after. Footage shows police speaking to Tyga in front of fans before he gets led into the back seat of the police car. As a photographer asks: “What are they arresting you for?” Tyga appears to reply: “It’s because I had paper plates on my car.” SEE MORE PHOTOS AS HE WAS PULL OUT FROM THE COPS

                                                                                                                    TYGA WAS PULL OVER
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