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Tyga Causing A Dispute In Family Of Kylie?

                                                                    Tyga and Kylie Jenner
Is resulting to a serious problem now since Tyga and Kylie call there relationship know, as serious as a 19-year-old girl breaking up with her older, creepier boyfriend for the umpteenth time possibly can be.

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Bet me you that a lot of possible reason of the split of this years lovebirds can be count down in a several partition such that many rumors and news been involved in the story. but in the basic primitive
we've heard several possible reasons for the split -- some sources say that Kylie cut Tyga loose because she'd heard rumors he'd been cheating on her again, and she simply feels like she can no longer trust him.

Other sources claim that the issue is that Tyga won't take the relationship to the next level. "Kylie has been begging Tyga to propose to her for years now and she pulled the plug on this relationship because she was tired of waiting," a source recently explained. "She has been trying to force him into marrying her and seems to think that Tyga cannot live without her."

"There's serious drama between the sisters over Kylie and Tyga," the source says. "While Kim and Kris are in Kylie's ear telling her to dump him, Khloe and Kourtney are telling her to make it work!" And while this could be a simple debate over the love life of a teenager, things are getting nasty.

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"Kim and Kris don't think Kylie should listen to her other sisters," apparently, "and point out that Khloe's relationships don't last longer than six months and that Kourt and Scott are a hot mess of a couple." ... Well, they're not wrong. Meanwhile, "Khloe and Kourtney feel a little salty about that shade but are telling Kylie that when it comes to love, logic doesn't stand a chance."What Do You Think,Your Comment
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