Tupac Shakur Captured In LA? Deadly Weapon Figured Out

Tupac Shakur Captured In LA? Deadly Weapon Figured Out
According to exclusive information obtained by TMZ, was arrested last month for felony assault with a deadly weapon. This new information would no doubt add more fuel to the conspiracy theorist’s fire that the beloved rapper is alive and roaming the streets, but unfortunately there’s a catch. A 45-year-old man, real name Clarence Campbell, has been using ‘Pac’s name as an alias whenever he gets a little too close with law enforcement, including once when he was booked for battery.

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Thankfully, cops know of Campbell’s shenanigans. Yet, the booking information shows ‘Pac’s full name and his June 16, 1971 birthdate. Aware of the jig Campbell is no doubt pulling, Cops made sure to place his real name along with the arrest records. But really dude? You couldn’t use something more generic? You really thought using Tupac’s full name and birthday was the way to go?
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