The REAL Reason Kylie & Tyga Split — Inside Their Final Fight

It’s been almost a month since Keeping up with the Kardashians reality teen queen, Kylie Jenner, was seen out and about with her bad boy rapper boyfriend, Tyga, and has exclusively learned that they are over for good. As Radar has reported, the duo has been dunzo several times since they first started dating when Jenner was 19.

And almost every time, the breakup happened amid reports of Tyga’s cheating. But this time, an insider said, there’s NOT another woman! “Kylie has been begging Tyga to propose to her for years now and she pulled the plug on this relationship because she was tired of waiting,” said the source.

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“She has been trying to force him into marrying her and seems to think that Tyga cannot live without her. But she’s wrong because he clearly can and does!” Indeed, Tyga has several performances booked over the next several months. And at recent appearances, he didn’t seem to be missing Jenner.

“It seems like she annoys him more than anything lately because she is not the same girl that he fell for,” the insider said. “Lately it’s always just seemed like the ‘Kylie Show’ guest starring Tyga and it looks like he couldn’t take that anymore!”
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