Rihanna:I want Drake to loose my Cell Number

Rihanna I want Drake to loose my Cell Number
Awkwardly Riri is getting it hot and never want it like that again,following the break up with the Overdose Weed rapper (Drake), it seem that the 13 times rapper (Rihanna) is quitting all about drake and never seek for any attention around him,hmm,it was terrible that Drizzy is still calling her on phone.

The News from Okmag to allhip made us to acknowledge on Top that drake is still want riri but she want him to back off because riri seem hurt or something else.last year was when they finalized everything about their dating after splitting off.we also recall when drake is Rubbing with her even declare that he has been in love with riri at the age of 21 yet they wave the air. 

Rihanna is cant bear drake calls again as the source told the above site.see below

as the source also told that Rihanna want drake to  loose phone number
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