Rihanna should have seek for permission first before degrading Queen Elizabeth

We are not happy about her degrading on Queen Elizabeth,the internet in question.previously on Top we bring up the topic of RIRI and ELIZA,Rihanna convert Into Elizabeth II- is she disrespecting queen Elizabeth which surfaced on 24 April.

After the internet finished up with the fling new look of Queen Elizabeth,the instagram post from RIRI was dragged down with a lot of thought regarding to her post to Elizabeth.in a Monty about this, many is not in Unfazed which is on bad side to some fans but putting it upon her to would have seek for permission first before making any step on gram.

“Its rude you know. This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma. Imagine if its yours,” one Instagram user wrote, according to the Wrap.

“I think it’s a bit degrading. Hasn’t she done enough and earned enough respect for us to ask permission first? (For us to portray her in a way she may not like or find belittling of her accomplishments. She is just another human and might find it hurtful),” a different user wrote.
“This is just disrespectful she is our monarch who has ruled for 65 years of her 91 years of life, she has dedicated her whole life to the service of the UK and over-seas territories,” another user wrote. “A job as monarch she probably never wanted and had no choice in the matter and is certainly a job she was never brought up to do. She deserves respect no matter what you think of the monarchy.”
as the comment about rihanna's post go on slammed. see below
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