Rick Ross and Gucci Mane She’s on My D*ck On Visual

rick and mane
The cringe-worthy phrase “She’s on My Dick” serves as every girl’s worst nightmare. Not only is it an audible slice of humble pie, it provides a major boost to the guy’s already colossal ego. Rick Ross relishes in that fact in his latest video for the track of the same name off of last month’s Rather You Than Me.

Teaming up with Gucci Mane, the rappers are treated like kings in the “She’s On My Dick” visual, set in the familiar venue of choice: the strip club. Don Dadas and self-proclaimed big spenders, the club owner intros the clip with a comical forewarning. “We got a motherfuckin’ red alert in this bitch,” he shared with the women.

“We got Rick Rozay, we got Young Dolph, we got motherfuckin’ Guwop. Y’all ready to get this money?” Young Dolph and DJ Khaled join the rich duo, along with the quintessential champagne bottles, money showers and — well, you know the rest
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