Remy Ma On Crazy Shade To Nicki Minaj Brother

sexy remy ma
I don't know why this has to do with Nicki's brother Jelani Maraj even during her dis track with Nicki Minaj the rapper Remy Ma mention something about the diva brother yet she's not done with our last update the two also seem rotating their diss were we
bring it close Am Not Gonna Leave Her Alone,May By That's What Remy Ma Thinks To Nicki Minaj .

                                                                    Jelani Maraj and Nicki minaj

In new report gotten from oxygen, Remy Ma Threw Shade At Nicki Minaj's Brother Over Molestation the content on instagram own by Remy Ma were she throw it indiretly to Nicki's brother by saying "[At least] I ain't never fondled no f*cking minors," Remy says at one actual thinking about this,she throw it to Jelani Maraj Minaj Bros.
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