Oh $72.5 million she Sold her Jupiter Island home-Celine Dion

Celine Dion on glass
Yeah she's not feeling it as a misdemeanor act but she did it over to her mansion.according to daily-mail Celine who have been trying to sell off the house over some dollars has finally did it making the prolific on top of it.

The song bird of Sia rub it over her mansion with vast dollars of  $72.5 million which some already claimed it with that amount to obtain the mansion.Top record that the house is on sale for a very long time and yet no one is able to afford the dollars at that moment but is surprising that the house is now sold off to a real guy.see below
Celine Dion house sold  off
above is the top level roof of the awaiting to be sold then but now is a sold out property to a mystery American buyer.
Celine Dion house sold  off

Celine Dion house sold  off

Celine the Dion also made the price of her mansion that affordable to $38.5 million as daily mail got from Sotheby's International Realty.Dion seem in good of sealing her prop,if we should recall with nationalpost,the 48 song bird once sold of her Normand-style château for $25.5 million now Jupiter Island home is the next to give up.
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