No Beyoncé? No problem

When Beyoncé announced she was sitting out Coachella per doctor’s orders, there were lots of tears and no doubt a disinterest from members of the Beyhive in attending this year’s fest. At least that was this writer’s overly dramatic way of coping with the pop diva getting sidelined. Ultimately, she was replaced by Lady Gaga, who headlines tonight.

After all, Beyoncé is probably the only human on the planet who could have slayed Coachella while being pregnant with twins. But the cancelation didn’t damper everyone’s festival experience — definitely not repeat attendee Michael Hernandez, who admittedly didn’t plan on catching the year’s most highly anticipated set.

“Honestly I was kind of OK with it,” the 26-year-old Long Beach native said. “Me and a few friends had a plan to venture off and see the rest of the festival while she was playing.” Hernandez has been coming to Coachella for the last three years and said he was fascinated with the idea of seeing one of the smaller acts counter-programmed to such a huge act — something he’s yet to experience.

“The lineup is really well without her, it was well-rounded,” he said. “It’s a big hit that she’s not here … but it leaves a little more dancing room for me.”

Written:by gerrick-kennedy
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