Nicki Minaj tell's meanig of her tattoo ''It means God will be with you'' see video

nicki-minaj tattoo
Ohm,Nicki Nicki is finally to tell the meaning of her for a long time she seem hiding the meaning of her tattoo which everybody is yet to tell or figure out but fans keep trying to get out her opinion over the unknown meaning tattoo.

Today on Top,we are to tell the meaning as we were surprise with one of her instagram post which is on clip video.the tattoo is draw in Chinese so i if you don't understand that language you can't be able to understand the art on hand.

Am the queen of rap (Nicki Minaj) mate some girls who are gang of Nicki's fans just in fondness approached the No Frauds Queen and she was so good to talk to them but at a spot she asked the were are they from and they reply saying chins.Hmm now the Truth is out.

Nicki Minaj them said my written in Chinese is after she opening up her jacket and show to them and telling in meaning that it represent God will be with you.
Lolz☺see below
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