Nicki Minaj Has A New Suprise For You on Tidal

Nicki Minaj Has A New Suprise For You
Is Nicki Minaj going to release something on Tidal? That's what her tweet on Thursday, April 27 suggested. She simply wrote, "Subscribe to Tidal," asking her 20 million followers to register to the streaming service. The message came with zipped-lips and bow ribbon emojis, and fans believed that the "Anaconda" hitmaker planned to release something soon on Tidal. The tweet has since been flooded with mixed responses from fans. Many of them compared Tidal with its competitor Spotify. 

A fan wrote, "Spotify is better, I want quality that's why I'm on Spotify." Another jokingly tweeted, "I have groceries to buy. I already got Spotify." There were also followers who expected Nicki to release her highly-anticipated album. A user wrote, "Your album on there? Otherwise nah fam...I need a legit reason before I spend my hard earned coins Onika!!" However, some fans have apparently been Tidal subscribers.

"Sis I'm subscribed and ready for WHATEVER stunt you think you wanna pull," a follower gushed. Nicki is one of major artist investors in Tidal. The recent tweet spurred speculations that the raptress would follow in the footsteps of Tidal owner Jay-Z to promote the streaming service, as it reportedly doesn't do well in marketplace. Prior to this, the husband of Beyonce Knowles removed his albums from Spotify and iTunes due to competitive reasons.
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