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Lil Wayne Is A Disappoint To His Show In Present Of Rick Ross

Lil Wayne Is A Disappoint To His Show In Present Of Rick Ross

                  Lil wayne back-off last night just of his illness

As Rick Ross's opening set stretched on longer than expected, rumors were already circulating that Weezy wasn't even in the building. Well after the diminutive Louisiana rapper was set to take the stage, fans were informed that Wayne was a no-show.

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At 10:30 Target Center sent out an announcement: "Lil Wayne has postponed his set tonight at Target Center due to plane mechanical issues. More details will be announced soon. Target Center was prepared to host the full lineup, so we sincerely apologize to all fans for the inconvenience."

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Tonight's show, you may recall, was initially scheduled for February 25, but Wayne postponed a few days before the original date, citing "scheduling conflicts." And in 2015, he backed out of a show at The Venue at show time, citing security concerns.
Weezy himself apologized for his absence via tweet.
Why did Wayne carefully avoid using "c" in this tweet? Is it a clue -- er, klue -- as to when he'll finally make it here? Is he trying to tell us he's been cidnapped? We'll keep you posted.
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