Lil Is Nothing In Roc Nation,Jay The Z Remain The Best In The Crew Nation

the roc nation
We announced Lil Wayne Roc Nation Brings The History of Lil Wayne and Jay Z's Again, we said it several times with Lil Wayne joining the Rock Crow but there might be a clash if care is not at hand.however let's just believe that Jay the Z is still the best in the Roc Nation.TMZ reporteD with a welcome note regarding to Liltuneshi in Rock Nation

Rudy Gay is taking Jay Z all the way in a lyrical battle of the Carters ... telling TMZ Sports even though Lil Wayne is part of the Roc Nation family now ... Hov is still the best lyricist down with the crew.
exclusively from Tmz.
Lil Wayne also told us with the Three New Lil Wayne Verses on Lil Twist’s Latest Songs which is currently making a great remark.
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