Justin Bieber Is A Bad Driving Fury

justine bieber road fury
Radaronline explained it more closer bringing it in with Justine Bieber who obsession with extremely fast and incredibly rare cars putting him on a road to disaster? That’s the question a new Reelz channel special hopes to answer, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Following the site update,Just up-to-the-minute in the new version
of the documentary series, Collision Course, Bieber’s collection of custom cars are revealed to be a TRAP from which he cannot escape, as paparazzi easily identify him and hunt him down wherever he goes . In this case it will surely result to the scary of other drivers.as the site said.

“I saw Justin Bieber behind me, really close, not giving me distance if I brake or something,” photographer Melissa Paradis recalls during the special. “I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m screwed.'” With other paparazzi trailing behind them at a high speed, Paradis says she had little choice but to get out of their way. “I just pulled away on the side, and Bieber went [flying by] at least 120 if not more,” she explained. “At that point I was like, you know, Bieber, you’re too dangerous for me. Peace out!”
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In the new special, a series of accidents and incidents involving Bieber are explored to reveal his change from a sweet and innocent young talent to headline-grabbing celebrity whose driving history is putting him on a collision course. Reelz will present Collision Course: Justin Bieber on Saturday, April 8, 9 pm ET/PT. Watch the short clip with Raderonline.
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