Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz Land Justin Bieber A false threatening on them

justin bieber crime hate
Justine Bieber is facing another one after pleading guilty during 2015 on careless driving,now in just new charge from this guys Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz who claimed and alleging the paining criticism on bieber.the pair firing with a Dodge on Justin bieber saying the bad fury driving (Justin Bieber) is threatening them.

"Threatening a man with body harm while calling him a 'little Jew boy' and intimidating him with 'what are you going to do about it, Jew boy?' is a hate crime." as SOURCE told TMZ NEWS.

Jeffrey and Suzanne is now using the above comment to convey a legal court charge against justin Bieber in Law court.Jeffrey and Suza can said to be in a feud with bieber because there was once a time the three was facing a problem about cars and business which  Jeffrey Indicted over justin and got $80k from biebers pocket after facing Justin Bieber In court.

But Now they are coming with a new report which was made from a side Conner Biebers Bodyguard and the singer is not even away of the statement from his guy calling them 'little Jew boy' over a comment.this's all about threatening and Justin bie never engaged on that.
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