Is Lil Wayne Carter 5 coming soon?

Is Lil Wayne Carter 5 Coming Soon?
Exclusively Lil said so.Lil Wayne who told us about Lil Twist three single track is still keeping in track of his carter V specially the fans of weezy.every fan of his is sticking and really want to peek it up on Lil Wayne carter V.

In a question from XXLMAG,the site is asking, Is it being held hostage by Birdman? Does somebody already own a finished version? Has Tune revamped the project? When it does come out, will it be worth the wait? We seem to be moving closer to getting answers to those questions and more as Weezy recently announced the project would be coming soon.

The site told that Lil on his tour to Kloser 2 U tour which is one of his booked tour he attended.during the show which was amid around by his fans,Lil openly disclosed that Carter 5 Coming Soon.Lil Fuck it up against Cash Money saying Fuck Cash Money. It’s the Roc.”
Few days on Top, Birdman is seem shedding Lil Wayne who trying to join Roc Nation,like seriously it wasn't for Birdman thinking that Lil will join the Roc crew he insist that lil is not going any were and even said he was just making money from Drake and Nicki minaj which he said over in a video. 
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