I Nicki Minaj Is the queen of rap, I think he knows-Lil wayne

Lil Wayne and Nicki minaj No frauds
Remy ma is quite getting it hot around her,Nicki No Frauds keep making her feel that hogwash after she slammed Nicki's brother on social mid
.Now just in few days left we came across the video that got Nicki's critics over Westminster Bridge in her new music video.

diva Nicki,who is proud of her new hit which rock over 6 million views on vevo on
Wednesday 19 April 2017.Black_Barbies singer posted outtakes of herself flexing on her golden throne with Lil Wayne by her side complaining he's "too old" for her games.

"Did you know you were signing the queen of rap, nigga," she asked Weezy. In the clip, she wore her golden diadem and corset, while her pearly whites shone almost as much as her outfit.
"No, I did not know I was signing the queen of rap nigga. I did not know I was signing the queen of rap niggas," he answered with more than a hint of sarcasm. He turned to the director Benny Boom asking him if he could "get the cameras rolling." She then boasted that "the greatest rapper alive signed" her, asking Boom and Lil Tunechi if they "realized" what that meant. "Those your real eyes," then asked Wayne psyching Nicki out. She answered "yes" not realizing he was playing with her. Ellen DeGeneres, whom Nicki references in the music video, also trolled the Queens rapper on social media. She posted a photo of herself sitting in Wayne's throne with a gold crown on her head next to Queen Nicki.
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