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Do You Know That Love Of Gomez To The Weeknd Is So Crazy?

 Gomez the weeknd crazy love
Selena Gomez Caught on Jumbotron Screen During The Weeknd Concert in Brazil that's the last hit we updated on TOP but the false alarm singer and the Gomez is still can't be question with the previous relationship with Justin Bieber because their fondness is beyond anyone expectation specially Selena the Gomez.Gomez also told us beforehand that She Can't Face Bella Hadid,She Seek For Help From The Weeknd For,but just in a new moment that this damsel and the beau The Weeknd become inseparable since the Canadian singer was caught kissing Selena earlier this year.

The 24-year-old former Disney darling reportedly feels comfortable when spending quality time together with him because she loves how "mature" The Weeknd is. Though they've just been dating for a few months, Selena is allegedly "crazy in love" with The Weeknd. "Selena couldn't be happier right now. She has fallen fast and hard for Abel," a friend of Selena tells E! News.

"They can't get enough of each other. When they are apart, they miss each other like crazy and can't wait to reunite again. They FaceTime and text all day, every day." The source further asserts that The Weeknd's private persona is very different from the one we see in his music, on which he frequently uses references to drugs in his lyrics. "They inspire each other," says the friend.

"He is very supportive of Selena's sobriety and has helped her stay focused and on track. They have other things they like to do together other than partying." Selena is impressed by The Weeknd's maturity as she feels "very taken care of when she is with him, and like he will have her back."

The couple shares some similarities, including their love for music and being in the public eye. "She just loves how he makes her feel on top of the world," the source says, adding, "He puts her on a pedestal and makes her feel like the most important and special girl in the world." After making their relationship social media official, the couple has spent a lot of time together.

The "It Ain't Me" hitmaker has been flying around Europe and South America to support him on his "Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour". The Weeknd has even taken her on a trip to his hometown of Toronto, where she reportedly meets his family.
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