Fear Nicki Minaj,she's a gang stars, group member tells how they do rob

Let's tell you the peripheral about a guy who call his name 7even up who put a hot investigation on Nicki.well the name is a Hoodstars group member and have try leaking the story behind Nicki Minaj's back.

according to what he put inside his mouth  during the interview,he explained the act of robbery with Nicki,here is what he said
Well we wasn’t on the run for attempted murder. We had did a robbery. Well I did the robbery; she was the get away girl,” said 7even.
Don't be surprise because teller in name told how close he was with Nicki minaj.7even up says he doesn’t want to give this story too much gas again because of previous backlash stemming from his previous interview, however he says he’s just telling his story.

Vlad asks how in the world did he convince Nicki to be a part of this?!?! 7even says back in the day Nicki was a G, and she wasn’t soft. What’s crazy is 7even says he robbed a dude without a gun, grabbed a bunch of his jewelry, jumped in Nicki’s car, and Nicki sped off.

If Nicki Minaj was willing to be the get-away driver in this situation. I’m willing to bet that she was also involved in a lottttttt more back in the day. I’d love to hear some stories about Nicki during ‘The Come Up’ dvd era!
watch below
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