Chris Brown Want Her Daughter To Be Like J.Lo,See The Interesting That Happened

cb and j.lo
Chris Brown may have his eyes on Jennifer Lopez. He reportedly would love to have J.Lo's influences in raising his nearly-three-year-old daughter Royalty. "Everybody thinks Chris is superficial and only likes women because of their beauty," an insider tells, before adding, "That ain't the case.

One of the biggest reasons he's digging J.Lo is because she's one phenomenal mother!" The webloid's alleged tipster further asserts that Chris wants to be with a woman who "loves children and who can teach Royalty about how to be a woman, something he can't obviously do." "He could see J.Lo teaching Royalty how to sing, how to comb and style her hair, and he can certainly see them speaking Spanish to each other," the source adds.

"At this stage, Chris can't be talking to women that aren't of substance. He has a daughter to think of. She comes first." The source continues, "He'd be really interested to get to know J.Lo on a different level and see what he can learn about this beautiful and talented woman from the block." It was previously reported that Breezy liked J.Lo's sexy picture on her Instagram. Though she was "flattered" that Chris liked her pic, the "Ain't Your Mama" hitmaker was reportedly "way too into Alex [Rodriguez] right now to even think about dating Chris."
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