Birdman:A Word For Lil Wayne And Roc Nation

birdman vs roc nation
The Billion Units Worldwide-Birdman is standing firm saying that he is not gonna loose,even if he switch to Roc Nation he is the one to loose(Lil Wayne).
The king cash is telling you that Lil is not going to get a Dem from him though he might be making some dope money from the body builder (Drake) and the Westminster Bridge slammer (Nicki Minaj) but will not small the rock Money,remember Lil only join the Roc Nation but have not make any deal with them.

Birdman is in a medium tell Lil that as for signing to Roc, that's a bad decision because is not gonna a video obtain from allhip,the drag in to court was once in a happy mood call himself number one 1
Stunna show up money and cars stalking to jay and Lil,“lock away the key.”he said

“Fk with me if you fkin’ with me!” he said
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