Cash Money Records Bring It's Selling One Billion Units Worldwide-Birdman Celebrate

Birdman celebrate One Billion Units Worldwide
Few days ago which on April that Cash Money Records boss birdman did it for the first in on Auckland's North Shore were he rock his festival as birdman.Let's just call it 40-year hiatus, a revived birdman competition, has seen thousands of masses aplenty to a small bay on Auckland's North Shore.

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Now after the above statement festival on
Auckland's North Shore the rapper came online yesterday on instagram to recall and show respect right from time record which we call Cash MONEY RECORDS.

The plaque reads, in part, “Presented to BryanBirdman’ Williams to commemorate worldwide sales of more than 1 billion units” as xxlmag talk about it.according to birdman the cash money,

“Big boy shit right here baby. A billion units. I mean to say this, to all you dick-sucking fuck niggas, like, forreal, forreal,” says Birdman in the video, which you can see for yourself below. “I don’t give a fuck about selling no records bitch, I accomplished what I never thought I could accomplish. This shit bigger than McDonald’s, bitch.”
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is feeling it very spacial and he celebrate the cash money record rocking One Billion Units Worldwide even at the point of his beef with Lil Wayne the Bird is still happy of his years in cash money.what below.
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