Beyonce and Jay z renovating for their ready To Put to birth Twins

Beyonce and Jay Z getting read for their twins
As we have curb on the aging 35 Beyonce and the husband 47,it was clear that the Grammy winner and husband are renovating their rental residency for their Ready To Put to Birth Twins.the couple doing all their best to give it a better place to their children.the Bedazzled bey and jay greatly made it up with $120 million for a stunning hilltop Bel Air mansion all for Blue Ivy and their twins to be.

We also record on Top With Beyonce about the Specialist In Charge of Beyonce Birth Delivery were the doctor point out something for her yet the 35 bey is still Piggybacking with all the domestic work decorating the bulletproof-windows-four-pools a 15 car garage.Beyonce who also announced four college scholarships in honor of the one-year anniversary of her "Lemonade" album is also taking things so soft as she will soon put to birth.her family and friend also around her with her daughter

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