Alessia Cara Working With Rihanna In Her New Album:

Base on interview on 2017 Juno Awards were hosted in Canada last Sunday but a backstage interview of Alessia Cara for Juno TV has just surfaced online.surprising to everybody
that's when Alessia Cara who said during the interview on Juno Awards that she will have
her voice in Rihanna's new album.

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According to her statement that she told,she was able to say that “I did my thing (in the studio) and I left” this make everyone surprising but we all are still considering were she wrote some verse in the yet to release R9 album?.directlyrics also believes that Rihanna
will be done with her R9 album,
the album could be almost finished and she could be dropping it later this year or by surprise any day (a very popular trend these times).see below.

***Update***: Meh. Alessia just clarified things. She made a time mistake in her speech in that interview then..
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