A team on series:50 Cent and Crackle together for a new deal

                                                                                                                                                     50 cent
50 Cent the Undergoing
Amature Chris Brown Tour claimer  just got a pastures for his foray into movies. Instead of just making direct-to-video projects with Val Kilmer and Bruce Willis, his G-Unit Film and Television is working on a few shows with Sony's ad-supported streaming service Crackle.
The Oath (no, not the Verizon/Yahoo amalgam) is a scripted series focusing on gang subcultures while RPM is about a used-car salesman who's a getaway driver by night.

Variety reports that those are working titles, but there's little else to share at this point. With Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee moving to American entertainment company (Netflix), Crackle is looking to fill the gaps Jerry Seinfeld left in its lineup.

we believe that the service is on work having the original videos as a partnership with Mashable
digital media and A.V. Club publisher Fusion Media Group the Univision Communications. But even then, whether or not the new programming can set Crackle apart from other services with seemingly endless pockets is up in the air, despite how many big names may be involved. If it doesn't end up working out for 50, he always his headphone empire to fall back on. As for Crackle, the Dead Rising universe is ripe for more stories.
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