50 Cent verging on a pair TV shows

50 Cent verging on a Pair TV Shows
A Team series 50 cent and Crackle flinging just for the main moment as they deal with Sony to executive produce two new series.Fifi doublet-ting with  former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy and Hawaii Five-O writer who make the fondness of producing series and have run as many as,list Into the Sun 2005.

The first series is titled The Oath and centers on a group of police officers who belong to a secret brotherhood within the police force. In a statement 50 said, “I am very excited to be partnering with Sony Pictures Television Networks and Crackle.

To be able to bring this story to life is something I’m looking forward to and Joe Haplin’s personal experience will make this unlike anything that’s been seen before.” The second series is unofficially titled RPM and has an intriguing plot twist surrounding a car salesman who falls into bad company after having financial troubles. The one-hour original series will be written by Leo Sardarian.
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