50 Cent Said That Chris Brown Is Undergoing Amature Tour

50 cent cut it by saying and calling Chris brown party tour amateur after all deal with breezy and after saying what makes him NOT to attend breezy tour claiming it that his movie is the cause.

50 Cent Said That Chris Brown Is Undergoing Amature Tour
Since last year the two has been a good friend right from time but the way it looks now it seem that this party tour by Chris brown is bring a lot to talk about.previously 50 cent claim that the inference that makes him to give up on Chris brown is because his ongoing movie which he said earlier five days back and saying Why I Quit With Chris Brown Party Tour-50 Cent .

But think around on main brain about this,is quit a pity that this not a
well-planned operation.  And that includes basic setup on his inclusion contract.
For starters, 50 Cent claims that negotiations had been finalized on his payment prior to the tour starting. Then, at the last second, touring giant Live Nation slashed that offer by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the hardball tactic happened only after 50 Cent’s name was put on touring flyers, billboards, and websites. Regardless, the pressure tactic didn’t work, and 50 Cent wouldn’t budge.

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In more sight this hogwash given to breezy,50 cent can prove it to him self that he never sign any tour deal with Chris brown so far. according to an update from TMZ were 50 cent also said that
“50 Cent I Never Signed Chris Brown Tour Deal… They Can’t Afford Me!” a TMZ report declared.

50 backpedaled on Instagram. Specifically, the rapper pointed to a number of unresolved logistical problems. “I would never say my friends can’t afford me,” he wrote. “This run wasn’t handled correctly. I’m still on set filming Den of Thieves.” Meanwhile, the ‘Party Tour’ rolled on, despite the fallout. But Chris Brown’s volatile, drug-fueled tirades may also explain why 50 Cent bailed out.

That includes an ugly incident in Reno, NV, where Brown declined to perform and forced the club to issue refunds.In nearby Vegas, the r&b singer managed to recapture his residency at Drai’s after publicly blasting club employees as ‘racists’.

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A resulting hiatus cost the singer millions in lost revenues, though the recovery suggests some self-awareness.Then there are still the endless issues involving violence against women. The Rihanna assault is years behind the singer, though Brown is still battling accusations involving his latest girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Just recently, a federal judge extended a restraining order against Brown, based on repeated threats of physical violence.
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