Rihanna Become Chife Honored By Parsons School Of Design

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It’s clear to see why Rih is the recipient of the award, thanks to her contributions to the music and fashion industries as well as her philanthropic efforts. “She has championed our recent alumni on a number of occasions by wearing their designs,” said Parsons’ executive dean, Joel Towers.

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“She is also creating important philanthropic programs, which support communities by fostering effective education, health, and emergency response programs around the world through her Clara Lionel Foundation.”

Her Clara Lionel Foundation will host its third annual Diamond Ball in NYC in September, which aims to raise money for global health and education Rihanna, who recently received the Humanitarian Of The Year Award from Harvard, released a statement about her honor.

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She said it’s “such a thrill” to be recognized by Parsons. “I consistently find creative and exciting designs coming from Parsons alumni, so I feel a deep connection to the school,” she said. “But I am especially grateful that Parsons would recognize me for the work I’ve done in regards to philanthropy.”
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