Someone Dies A Day After Encountering Beyonce Face On Cell Phone

Beyonce Feel Bad
Is a Houston high school student who has lost her battle with terminal cancer days after having a dream come true in a talk with Beyonce over a video chat. Alief Independent School District spokeswoman Kimberly Smith says Ebony Banks died late on Saturday night.

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                                      Beyonce on video call with a Houton Stutent

The teen’s Hastings High School classmates started an online campaign before her death to give her a chance to meet her favourite singer, Beyonce. Banks received a FaceTime call on Wednesday from the star. The school gave Banks her diploma during a graduation ceremony in the hospital last week.

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Students gathered at a candlelight vigil on Sunday to remember Banks. Video posted on social media shows students raising candles to Beyonce’s Halo.
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