Bates Motel Shower Scene:Rihanna Show Up New Scene In Birth room

Rihanna bates motel Shower scene
Rihanna has been having a lot of fun with her recent stint in Bates Motel. Last week we say her livestream her watching the first of her episodes on the show. Monday night, March 27, saw her time as Marion Crane in the TV prequel to Hitchcock classic Psycho continue.

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In the episode Crane got a shower scene similar to the iconic one from the 1960 original. However, this being a character played by Rihanna, it played out a little different. In the tense scene, which you can see below, the camera zoomed in on the shower curtain, only for Rihanna to pull it back and shout “screw this shit,” before walking away injury-free. Check out the full clip below.
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