Messi is no leader and Neymar is a better player, says former Argentina fitness coach

Isneymar better than messi

The former physical trainer is on criticism,he compare messi with Neymar and trying to explain things during his him.

Argentina fitness coach Carlos Dibos seem condemning in a little way of comparing
Neymar and Messi.
Dibos has questioned Messi's ability to inspire the team as Diego Maradona once did and said the captain can no longer be considered the best player in the world.goal to got it this from the Carlos Dibos were he said that

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I do not think it's wrong for a player to have a dialogue with the coach as to who he prefers or would chose to have next to him, but that player has to have personality, courage, bravery, to be able to carry the team on his shoulders... that was Diego Armando Maradona.
"That player has to feel that the shirt represents a huge number of Argentines and that we all want the best. Diego represented that and, for me, Leo does not. "It doesn't mean that he is bad. For me, he's among the three best players in the world, but he's not the best. Today, Neymar is better."
Dibos, who worked as a physical preparation coach for Argentina between 2006 and 2008, alleged last year that Messi held too much sway in how players and coaches were selected for the national team.
Now the truth is out, we're sick [of his behaviour] in Argentina. We're going to make that very clear," Dibos, the brother-in-law of Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone, said to Radio La Red.
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